It's Graduation Time!!!!

As I finish up editing this graduating years images, I am excited to begin shooting sessions for the 2018 graduating class. Here are couple things to think about when looking to schedule your picture date.

The very First thing to think about is how you want your photos to look. Do you want waterfalls, mist, and sunsets? do you want a more urban feel to your images? Would you like Spring photos, Fall photos, or both? Deciding this will help determine the location and time of year you and the photographer choose for your session together. Locations and Seasons are two of the key elements in making your photos fit your personality.

Senior Photos in the Spring

Once you have decided on a location and season, now it's time to decide on the outfits. This is probably the number one question I get from my clients... "What do you suggest I wear?" If you are unsure I always say to stick with solid color tops, and no crazy colors, or patterns.

The final Thing I would say to do is to try and relax, Do not worry about poses or how to stand, etc. Some people just know how to pose themselves and some people don't, and that is ok, that's part of my job, and I Love my job. I want you to be relaxed, and to just be yourself. After all the whole point of senior photos is to capture and preserve the amazing person you are today!

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