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Hello to all my friends and family, and to all those who reach out and read my blog posts. This is my very first blog post ( please be patient with me lol), and I see it fitting to write about what is inspiring to me right now. Family, my family is inspiring to me. There are so many moments that go by that are amazing and fun, exciting, and that just make me smile, I sometimes have to remind myself to put down the camera, look through my eyes and not my lens and really soak in the moment. But then I also have times where I feel the need to document via photograph a really precious moment in time.

These moments are usually of my children, but recently I have really been feeling this way when it comes to moments in time with my grandparents. My grandmother who is 84 and my grandfather who is 83 have such an amazing relationship with not only their grandchildren, but their great grandchildren as well.

(I'm missing two great grandchildren in this photo)

To my kids they are Granny and Poppy and they are so much fun! In the summer my grandma plants strawberries on the side of the house so the kids can stuff their faces and fill their bellies with the yummy, juicy, sun ripened fruit, My grandpa takes the kids for bike rides, and pulls them in the wagon, he even has a magical way of calming my youngest child into a slumber when even I can't calm her down. And in the winter they are known to get out the soup cans and play a game of soup can bowling lol! These are the moments that I feel the need to record and document because they are so precious, and I know I will miss so much when my grandparents aren't with us anymore. I almost get scared that I might forget a single moment or memory.

My Grandpa, the man who babysat myself and my two sisters growing up, So many amazing memories! He showed us how to pop popcorn on the stove, and how to fly a kite. He would go fishing with us by the willow tree in his front yard , and have frog jumping competitions to finish off an already amazing day. The man who has a nick name for everything, and funny stories to tell. These memories are part of what feeds my inspiration daily to capture these precious moments in time.

My Grandma, she has taught me so many things! She too has given me the most amazing memories that inspire me, not only in my professional life, but day to day as well. She has shown me how important family is, and staying connected is extremely important. She still insists to this day at 84 to spend time and watch my three children, her great grandchildren, Just as she did when I was a kid. Creating the same memories with the next generation.

Sunday school, and ice cream after. Home made play doh, baking cakes and cookies, canned soup bowling, gardening, and camping, the list goes on for both of these extremely special people in my life.

So when I'm asked "what inspires you" my answer is MY FAMILY. The amazing people in my life that have helped make so many awesome memories, inspire me to capture that feeling, that moment in time, that you know will be in your thoughts forever.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa, you are amazing!

I love you to the moon and back again!


your Amanda Panda

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